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Article Understanding MX Records
MX (Mail eXchanger) records are like an address for your domain’s email. The MX record tells the rest of the internet where to send your email....
Views: 5656
Article Enable cPanel backups in WHM
The cPanel control panel does have some built in functions to assist in creating and managing account backups. These backups are done on an...
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Article Linux IO Redirection (Pipeline Redirection)
Throughout the articles in the knowledge base, you may have seen a few interesting characters in the examples ( |, > and < ).  This...
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Article How To Restore a Domain From cPanel Backups
While it is a good and useful thing to have entire server backups, sometimes you only need to restore one or two domains. In these situations,...
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Article Enable Remote MySQL Connections in cPanel
Remote MySQL connections are disabled by default in cPanel servers because they are considered a potential security threat. Using the tools in...
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